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Uganda Truimph

The Uganda Truimph song is our composition dedicated to the Heroes and Heroines of Uganda to celebrate their achievements as well as interpreting their Pan African believes and philosophies to the young generations in Uganda and Africa at large.

(Amb.) Joseph Tonye Brown Addressing the press

The composition of the song was an inspiration of what we saw; what we witnessed; and what we testified in Uganda. IF you ask us ; what we saw? we saw Uganda as the Pearly of Africa indeed; what we have witnessed? we witnessed a new Uganda of our time; what we can testify? There is Peace, Stability, Freedom and Development.

Consequently, this has given the young generation a challenge to take the advantage of the opportunities and possibilities embedded in Uganda thus, the Branding Uganda Campaign.

The Branding Uganda Campaign is a project we have developed to partner with the Government of Uganda under the Private- Public-Partnership (PPP) to Re-Brand Uganda as a business/tourist haven to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

We shall embark on the following activities;

  • National Sensitisation and Orientation program to creat public awareness.
  • National Art and Culture programs.
  • Destination tour across the Country.
  • Identification and Documentation of the National Heritage Sites.
  • Development of National art, craft and antiquity archives/museums.
  • National theatres/ampitheates will be developed across the four regions of Uganda.
  • Building the state of the art studio and a digital archival library fo posterity.
  • Conducting world peace Extravaganza/Emancipation on music concert.