Empowering African youth globally.

Atlantic Victoria Foundation is the leading international Pan-African, non-governmental organization in africa working globally to empower youth, champion ledership and faster Socio-Economic Independence in Africa as a whole..

Mission Statement

Bringing to fore-front the role of far-sighted Intellectualism in consolidating contextual African efforts to Holistic Development focusing on the “African / Youth Gifted Intellectual.”

What We Do?

  • Book Publications, Documentaries & Films
  • Youth Intellectual mentoring programs
  • Consultancy work in conjunction with the relevant Non-Governmental and Atlantic Victoria Foundation is a fully registered International Organization that is geared towards a Pan-African Approach to

Aims and Objectives

  • Creating trans-generational Intellectual guidance and leadership in Africa.
  • Offering consultancy services to any African Governments, traditional Kingdoms, etc, that want to transcend from adverse conditions to Holistic Development.
  • Synchronize contextual African societies into an African holistic development agenda as opposed to indigenous internal separatist pathways.
  • Working to ensure the right intellectual mass of graduates that will inflict change in the different levels where they are in any African social setting.
  • Working to synchronize and bridge the gap between African and localized domestic agendas in order to pull the much needed intellectual, psychological and physical efforts towards Domestic Holistic development.