Atlantic Victoria Foundation



This foundation is a Non Profit Organization (NGO), that is geared towards: a Pan-African Approach to African Community Holistic Development.

Often the term; Pan -Africanism, as an ideology, has been mistaken synonymously to mean: African Fundamentalism or African radicalism.

It is therefore, the Foundations passion, to set clear the misconceptions around Pan-Africanism, and advance its role in terms of; African Holistic Community Development.



(Amb.) Joseph Tonye Brown - Chairman/C.E.O Atlantic Victoria Foundation

Amb. Brown and Price Arthur Eze Meets H.E Yoweli Kaguta Museven President of Uganda

Our Vision

Working to synchronize and bridge the Gap betwwen; African and localized domestic Agendas, in a bid to pull the much needed;Intellectual,psychological and physical efforts towards Domestic Holistic development.

Our Mission

 the mission of the organisation is to bring to fore-front, the role of far-sighted intellectualism in consolidating contextual African efforts to holistic development. to focus on the African/youth gifted inteelectual.

Creating;trans-generational intellectual guidence and leadership in Africa and also offering consultancy services to any African Country, government or planning body, or traditional kingdoms which, want to transcend from adverse conditions to; Holistic development.

Synchronizing contextual African societies into; an "African holistic development Agenda" as opposed to indigenous internal separatist pathways. Not forgetting working to ensure the right intellectual mass of graduates that will inflict change in the different levels where they are in any African social setting. This could be made possible through offering internship to would be graduates in affiliation with the various academic bodies and institutions. This would be made through a scheme termed as University internship clubs, which will be set up by the organization.

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